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  Speaker for ICN Junior Conseil 

Come and carry out missions for professionals and be compensated by ICN Junior Conseil!

If you become an ICN Junior Conseil speaker, you will be able to carry out specific assignments according to your availability and your skills throughout your schooling at ICN Business School.


Speaker at ICN JC – Why?

  • Pedagogical added value: develop skills by putting into practice the lessons received at ICN Business School;

  • Experience & Network: increase your professional experience and expand your network by carrying out assignments for clients, taking advantage of internship and job offers as well as training with professionals throughout the year;

  • Compensation: make ends meet with the compensation you will receive after completing your mission, or even finance part of your studies.


Speaker at ICN JC – How? 

Each year, ICN JC selects new speakers in order to develop its pool.

If you are an ICN student, you will receive an email during the selection period which will explain all the terms and conditions as well as the date of the presentation amphitheater so that you can find out more about the structure and the speaker position.

Do not hesitate to become a member of ICN Junior Conseil below:

 Member testimonials 


Being a speaker/contributor is a good opportunity to be close to the Junior-Enterprise ecosystem, access the network and certain training courses while being independent and without heavy responsibilities.

This allows you to be able to make money with easy and optional missions.

The missions are accessible to all and we are very well followed if there are difficulties.

Christopher Joly

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